Dear Students,

Welcome to Concepts College London! We’re pleased to have you here and to provide you with this important document.The Academic Catolog of Concepts College London (CCL) is an annual publication of the College. It contains academic policies as well as details about all programs offered by the institution.

Our 2017/18 Academic Catalog like the previous one reflects the marriage of liberal education and career-focused programs that form the unique character of the College. We offer a compulsory General Education that every student must take in order to graduate with a CCL bachelor’s degree. In addition to the General Education component of the curriculum, which covers a third of the program, every student must then complete specialized curriculum in their chosen fields.

As you will notice, not all certificate and degree programs offered by CCL are listed in this catalog. This is because some of the programs offered are provided by our partner universities. If the program you’re taking or plan to take is not listed in this edition of our Academic Catalog, do contact the Academic Affairs Office or the Admissions Office and someone will provide you the details of your intended program.

We can assure you that you have selected the best university to meet your needs. We won’t disappoint you.