Admission Policies

CCL Admission Philosophy

CCL admission policy is based on the philosophy of “Open Admissions.” In its purest form, it allows any student with a high
school diploma or GCE Advanced Level in any two subjects to attend, thereby, allowing any student who has successfully
completed high school the opportunity to pursue an CCL undergraduate degree.To counter the critics who argue that this might lower educational standards, CCL provides tutoring services to its students. In
addition, we have General Education requirements, which provide a solid general background in the arts, sciences, and
technology fields before the student can begin taking core courses. In order to take certain programs, students are required to
score at a certain level in specific courses. For instance, students interested in taking engineering courses must have a grade of
C or above in every science course. Likewise, students taking business courses are expected to have grade C or above in the
social science courses like Economics, Psychology, Introduction to Business & Entrepreneurship etc. Students must also earn a
C or above in all their Major courses.

CCL admission policy is based on the philosophy of “Open Admissions.” In its purest form, it allows any student with a high
school diploma or GCE Advanced Level in any two subjects to attend, thereby, allowing any student who has successfully
completed high school the opportunity to pursue an SMU undergraduate degree.
The reality isn’t quite so simple. Some students may not be guaranteed admission to CCL if there are more applicants than
available space for new students. In such cases, admission will be based on their GCE grades and on a first-come-first-serve basis.
In the US, the open admissions movement began in the second half of the 20 th century and had many ties to the civil rights
movement. A significant number of universities operate on this philosophy.

Admission Procedures and Conditions

The Admissions Office is available to assist prospective students with the process of submitting an application for admission.
Individuals interested in information about CCL, its programs, and the application process are invited to contact the Admissions
Office. CCL reserves the right to limit enrollment in any of its programs, and requirements may vary from program to program.

Admissions Decisions

CCL does not discuss decisions regarding an applicant’s file. Admissions decisions are final and are not subject to appeal.

Rolling Admission

We operate on the Block Plan at CCL, which allows prospective students to apply at any time during the year. However, CCL recommends that applicants apply about one month before their expected program start date to allow sufficient time to complete all necessary requirements for admission. Because our classes are intensive, CCL will not allow any student to enroll in a course
after the start date. All new students must undergo orientation before starting classes at CCL.

Conditional Admission

Conditional admission may be granted to an applicant pending receipt of official transcripts or other equivalent official
documentation. Some graduate students may also be placed on conditional admission if they do not meet the direct admission
requirements, for instance, those with an undergraduate degree in an unrelated field of studies. To be eligible for conditional
admission to matriculate into the program, unofficial transcripts must show receipt of the degree required for admission to the
program. Students who have been conditionally admitted are not eligible to receive Student Loans and other financial aid until
documentation has been provided and the conditional status removed. International students requiring a visa are not eligible for
conditional admission status. Students who fail to submit all official transcripts by the last day of their first semester will be
withdrawn from the program.

Exceptions to Admission Requirements

Applicants with grade point averages lower than the stated admission requirements may be considered for admission in
accordance with the policy stated within the admission requirements section of the Academic Catalog for each program. An
admission by exception must be approved by the program chair. Exceptions must be justified, documented, signed, placed, and
retained in the student’s academic file. Students admitted on an exception basis will be assigned “Academic/Financial Aid
Warning” in accordance with CCL’s Standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress. Students must meet the Standards
Satisfactory Academic Progress by the next evaluation period. Academic/Financial Aid Warning status does not impact a
student’s eligibility for financial aid.

Early Acceptance

Early Acceptance may be granted to an applicant who is otherwise qualified for admission, but who has not yet earned the
degree required for admission. To qualify for early acceptance, the applicant must provide a transcript or other documentation that he/she is in the final year of the required degree program. Prior to starting classes, the applicant must demonstrate that all
admission requirements have been satisfied and provide a transcript documenting receipt of the degree.

Deferral Policy

An applicant admitted to CCL who finds that pressing and unforeseen circumstances prevent him or her from matriculating
during the semester for which he or she was admitted, may request one deferral of admission for up to one year from the
semester for which he or she was admitted. Deferrals are not automatic. A student who wishes to request a deferral should send
a letter to the Admissions Office indicating his or her special circumstances. If deferral is granted, an additional non-refundable
deposit may be required. Applicants should consult with the Admissions Office.

English Language Proficiency Policy

Regardless of country of birth or citizenship, immigrant or nonimmigrant status, all applicants to CCL whose “first” language is
not English must demonstrate proficiency in the English language. Demonstration that English is an applicant’s “first” language
can be satisfied if the applicant submits a diploma from secondary school (or above) in a system in which English is the official
language of instruction. If English is not the applicant’s “first” language, the applicant will need to meet the minimum English
Language Proficiency standard through submission of an official minimum score from a reputable English testing service to
demonstrate proficiency; undertake an CCL English language test; or successfully graduate from the CCL English Language
Institute – an intensive English language program.

Enrollment Agreement

Upon admission all students sign an enrolment agreement which stipulates all their academic requirements and
duration of academic program. The code of conduct in included in this agreement which is binding to both CCL and the newly admitted student. This agreement equally contains specifications of tuition and terms of the agreement. No student is permitted to begin lectures without signing the enrolment agreement.