Responsibility for the organization and governance of Concepts College London (CCL) rests with the Board of Regents. Regents exercise responsibility for the establishment of the basic policies that govern all CCL activities, and meet on a regular basis to review the implementation of these policies. Board members are primarily concerned with the academic quality of the institution, and regularly review data that allow them to ensure that the institution meets the needs of the students and serves the public interest of the communities in which it is located.

Regents are unsalaried and are reimbursed only for travel and related expenses in connection with their official duties. New regents are nominated by the Chancellor of the university and approved by a simple majority of the existing members of the Board of Regents. They serve for a period of two years and can be replaced prior to the expiration of their term if they are judged by their peers to be ineffective.

The current Board of Regents is made up of 11 members and their term is from July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2019. The current Board of Regents comprise of the following: