School of Liberal Arts and Education (SLAE)

CCL’s School of Arts, Education and Humanities aims to give students an intellectually exciting education, anchored in core disciplines, and developing the professional and vocational skills that are essential in the workplace of the 21st century. This school enables graduates develop some of the most important skills of critical and systematic analysis and makes them become experts at managing knowledge and communicating information. It promotes pure and applied research across all its disciplines.


School of Business and Public Policy (SBPP)

CCL business school (SBPP) is a professional undergraduate and graduate school. The purpose is to nurture highly innovative business persons, especially with an understanding of various practical and job assurance specialties, which will be essential to the global economy. In our contemporary society, personal innovation is strongly required for each business person. The aim of SBPP is to develop highly creative, enterprising and self- reliant business persons. The well qualified faculty of this school intends to scaffold entrepreneurs who can blend theory and practice (praxis), in a bid to establish and promote business and public policy schemes that are successful and helpful to the entire global economy.


The School of Health and Human Services (SHHS) offers innovative courses that are delivered by highly skilled academic staff who are nationally and internationally recognized experts in their fields. Through a wide range of degree programs: Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing, Pharmacy Technology, Clinical Psychology and Physician Assistant, our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through our leading edge research and community partnerships to improve health outcomes both locally and globally. In addition, students benefit from learning opportunities that go beyond the classroom to include experiential education in a range of settings from laboratories to hospitals thanks to our community partners which include the best hospitals in the country.



The science department responds to the needs of students for both general and specialized education in science offering the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Art degree in biology, chemistry, mathematics and Physics. The Bachelor of Science degree permits a heavy emphasis on selected subject matter and closely allied fields whereas the Bachelor of Arts in science is designed for the student who desire a more broadly based education while still specializing in one of the sciences. The Engineering Departments strive to educate and train engineers who have the breadth of vision to formulate and solve problems of today and the future. It is expected that a student who conscientiously applies himself/herself and successfully completes an engineering program will be technically trained and socially educated, thereby being well prepared to make a significant contribution to the world in which he/she works.