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It is paramount you know that teaching is an intentional activity which aims at bringing about learning or impartation of knowledge into the learners. So also you as a teacher must intentionally be well acquainted with the various ways by which you can transfer knowledge, skills and ideas to your students. You must have the required professional knowledge and skills. You must also possess the mastery of the subject matter, since the students depend much on the teacher for acquiring new knowledge. No teacher can impart the knowledge that he has not acquired, therefore you must prepare adequately well in advance. Apply Now

You are trained in the art of teaching because of the child. The principles and methods of teaching should be guided by the experience of the child, the environment and the innovative approach to reaching where students have control over their learning contrary to the traditional approach to students learning. So you must have the practice, theory, child study and study various branches of knowledge like methods, principles and general study for the benefit of the child. You are only teaching when a child is learning.

Course Aims
The aims of the course are summarized as follows:
The course aims at making you understand the general methods of teaching that is all the different aspects that make up for efficient and effective teaching and learning processes. It is hoped that these will be achieved by introducing you to:
(i) Teaching and the Teacher
(ii) Objectives in Curriculum Implementation; Instructional and Behavioural Objective
(iii) Classroom Communication Processes, Learning Outcomes and Control
(iv) Methodology of Teaching and Learning
(v) The Teaching / Learning Environment
(vi) General Organisational Skills of the Teacher
(vii) Resources Management
(viii) Children with Learning Disabilities
(ix) Record Keeping

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